Ansar member beating up TC dismissed

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Update : Thursday, January 6, 2022

Collector Mehdi Hasan Russell, who had beaten up Ansar member, has been suspended. However, no formal action was taken against ticket collector Rehnaz Parveen Tutul as he was not directly involved.

Collector Mehdi Hasan Russell was working as Ticket Collector (TC) of Rajshahi Station. He was ordered suspended on Thursday (January 6th) morning after the incident went viral.

Dismissed TC Russell’s wife’s name is Rehnaz Parveen Tutul. She is also a ticket collector of Western Railway. Russell and Tutul were working at the Rajshahi railway station.

Rajshahi Railway Station Manager Abdul Karim confirmed the information at noon on Thursday. He said a video clip of misbehavior with a passenger inside the station was seen by senior railway officials. In this context, Nasir Uddin, Divisional Commercial Officer of Western Railway, has ordered his dismissal in an order signed at around 10 am on Thursday.


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