With initiative of OC mystery of murder case unraveled

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Update : Saturday, November 12, 2022

With initiative of OC mystery of murder case unraveled under Dupchanchia upazila in Bogura.

The police have arrested three persons in the case of murder of private driver Sabuj Khandkar (60) who was recovered from a pond in Chaumuhani Belhali area of ​​Dupchanchia upazila.

The arrested are identified as Zahurul Islam (42), Abul Kalam Azad alias Babul (52) and Jahangir Hossain (30). Among them, the accused Abul Kalam Azad alias Babul voluntarily confessed his guilt in the court.

Officer in-charge of Dupchanchia police station Abul Kalam Azad said that the body of driver Sabuj Khandkar, son of the deceased Riyaz Uddin Khandkar of Dewanbagh Madanpur area of ​​Narayanganj port, was recovered in a sack from Belhali pond in Chaumuhani.

That night, his younger brother Malu Khandkar filed a murder case against unknown persons in the police station. After receiving the case, the police launched an operation to arrest the suspect and unravel the mystery of the incident.

Confirmed through information technology, Zahurul Islam (42), son of deceased Tashir Uddin of Magura village of the upazila, was arrested last Wednesday afternoon from a municipal area of ​​the upazila and Abul Kalam Azad alias Babul (52) of Belhali Khamargari village from a residential hotel near Bogura Tinmatha railway gate on the same evening.

The two arrested persons admitted their involvement in the incident. On Thursday morning, the police recovered the sandal and mobile phone of the victim Sabuj Khandkar from the rented house of Abul Kalam Azad alias Babul and his private car from M/s Tauseef filling station in Chaumuhani.

According to their confession, Jahangir Hossain (30), son of Abdus Samad, of Polibhugil village of the upazila was arrested. When the police sent the arrested to the court, Abul Kalam Azad alias Babul voluntarily confessed his guilt and was sent to jail.

A seven-day remand, but the court granted a three-day remand. He is being interrogated at the police station. The other accused Jahangir Hossain has been sent to jail through the court.


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