With every day Rooppur NPP moves closer to launch: Rosatom DG

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Update : Wednesday, October 19, 2022

The Reactor Pressure Vessel (RPV) has been installed at the second unit of the under- construction RooppurNuclear Power Plan (RNPP) at IshwardiinPabna. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina virtually from Dhaka joined the ceremony, arranged at the plant site on this occasion. Director General of Rosatom State Corporation Alexey Likhachev physically attended the event.

The operation to install the VVER-1200 reactor vessel of the second power unit in the design position was carried out in several stages. A Liebherr-11350 heavy crawler crane lifted the reactor vessel onto the transport portal of the power unit. Then, on a special transport trolley, it was moved to the central hall of the reactor compartment. Further, with the help of a polar crane, the reactor vessel was turned into a vertical position and installed on a support ring in the reactor shaft.

The VVER-1200 reactor vessel manufactured by AEM-Technologies (reactor vessel weight – 333.6 tons, length – 11.18 m, diameter – 4.57 m) passed the input control in accordance with all regulatory requirements before installation.

Alexey Likhachev emphasized the importance of the installation of the second reactor vessel and positively highlighted the cooperation with Bangladesh. “A year ago, we witnessed the installation of the Reactor Pressure Vessel in its design position at the first unit, and today the same operation was completed at the second unit. We see that the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh is actively progressing, despite the obstacles that the pandemic has created for us. I am sincerely grateful to the entire team of actively constructors for their well-coordinated work. I express my gratitude to the authorities of the Bangladesh for their full support to the project. Together, every day we are moving closer the launch of the nuclear power plant, which the people of Bangladesh are eagerly waiting for,” said the Director General of Rosatom.

Expressing her gratitude to the Russia Government and the friendly people of Russia for extending their hands of cooperation in the implementation of the Rooppur Nuclear Power project Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, “The plant’s two units, based on generation 3+ VVER reactors, will generate a total 2,400 MW of electricity, 1,200 MW from each unit, which will play a significant role in meeting the ever-growing electricity demand of the country.”

“Acquiring knowledge in the most modern technology like nuclear will facilitate special skills and competencies among new generation people. For not emitting carbon it is environment friendly and will help combat the adverse effects of climate change”.

After the ceremony, Alexey Likhachev, took part in the opening ceremony of the Training Center at Rooppur NPP site. The new and modern training center is designed to train operating personnel for Rooppur NPP. Bangladeshi personnel will be trained in specialized classrooms and other facilities with state-of-the-art equipment. In addition, the Russian side has developed all the necessary training and methodological programs, which in the future will allow the Bangladeshi side to independently train its personnel.

Director General of Rosatom who is on an official visit to Bangladesh is planned to call on the Prime Minister of Bangladesh,to discuss issues regarding strategic cooperation between the Rosatom State Corporation and Bangladesh.

Rooppur NPP with two VVER-1200 reactors with a total capacity of 2,400 MW is being built according to the Russian project, in accordance with the General Contract dated December 25, 2015. Russian VVER-1200 reactors were selected for the first nuclear power plant in Bangladesh. This is an evolutionary Generation III+ project that fully meets international safety requirements.

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