Wheel chair distribution among physical disabled persons in Kurigram

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Update : Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Wheel chairsformally distribution among physical disabled persons on the eve of international Mother Language Day (February 21) in frontof KurigramSadarDakbanglow at noon on Monday initiated and funded by ZilaParishad,Kurigram.

A function was held in this connection adjacent four storied Dakbanglow where chairman of ZilaParishad,president of district unit of AL and former Member of Parliament Alhaj Mohammad Jafar Ali was present as the chief guest while Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Md. Faridul Islam was in the chair.Kurigram Civil Surgeon Dr. Monjur-e-Morshed,former Civil Surgeon Dr. Aminul Islam,ZilaParishad member Minhajul Islam Ayub,Sheuly Begum Spoke among other.Assistant Engineer Md. Mizanur Rahman along with officers and staff of ZilaParishad were also present in the function.The whole function was conducted by UDA Md. AnowarulKabir.

On the other hand, two auto Generator machines funded by ZilaParishad handed over to the civil surgeon Dr.Monjur-e-Morshed in the function for Chilmari and Rajarhatupazila health complex.

Civil Surgeon thanked the ZilaParishad authority as it will very helpful for the patients who will admit in the health complex. The speakers narrated that it is very good activities that have been completed in the great Day.

In addition, sewing training, computer training, poultry training and agriculture training perform by KurigramZilaParishad. Many unemployed youths of both men and women became self-reliant receiving training.

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