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Update : Monday, October 16, 2023
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In recent times, teachers, heads of institutions, managing committee members or presidents, students or parents of our country are creating quite a stir due to the unscrupulous, shameless and dirty work done in various educational institutions of the country. Education conscious circles fear that it is an ominous sign for the future education system.
Education is the backbone of the nation. And teachers are great craftsmen of nation building. If they are not guaranteed the highest respect and dignity they deserve, the expected progress and prosperity of the nation will be disrupted.
Recently, the attacks of miscreants on teachers have increased at an alarming rate in the country’s primary and secondary schools. The teachers have to be recruited by the president or members of the school management committee. Women teachers are also not spared from such attacks. The parents themselves are not behind the physical and mental abuse of teachers! Due to the disagreement of the teachers with the members of the school management committee regarding the decision of various developmental works of the school and the accounting of the money spent in the allocation of the government primary school, the relevant influential people are attacking the teachers.
Besides, some of the parents are coming to the school and insulting the respected teachers in the presence of everyone, taking a strict stance against the decision taken for the development of the child’s education or the logical rule. Lately it has taken the form of physical injuries. Teachers are silently digesting all insults and tortures in these situations to keep their earned respect and identity intact.
Due to family or social disputes, teachers have to be bloody. Terrorists are breaking the heads, arms and legs of teachers. Criminals are getting through the loopholes and social and political influence of existing laws.
Institution heads are not lagging behind in oppressing the ordinary teachers. They are torturing the ordinary teachers by  managing the  committee in various ways. Recently, a complaint was raised against the head of the institution for missing the casual leave application given by the teacher in a graduate level educational institution. The complaint said that even after being granted casual leave, he was shown absent in the attendance sheet (khata) and denied the grant of leave. Later, when the missing application was recovered and shown to him, he became silent.
Apart from the influencers of the society, the students themselves are also attacking the teachers. Recently, in various educational institutions of the country, they are physically and mentally hurting the teachers for not accepting the unethical demands of the students. They want to fill exam form free or half free.   They seek unethical benefits in the exam halls. If they are not given unethical benefits, teachers are being blamed and tortured physically as well as mentally.
Such one-on-one attacks and humiliation of teachers is surely shameful for a civilized, independent country. There is nothing new to say about the status of the teacher. These have been stated many times in stories, poems, dramas. But the reality is opposite. In addition to the primary, secondary, higher secondary and university teachers are known to almost everyone through newspapers and social media.
The overall prosperity of the nation is bound to stumble if such abominable things are not prevented with the brave artisans of the future generation of the country. “Teacher Protection Act” is required to stop such unexpected incidents in future. Along with this, it is necessary to bring the culprits under the law after proper investigation of all the incidents that have already happened.
It is highly desirable for the government to take a strict stand to uphold the dignity of teachers by ensuring exemplary punishment for such unjust attacks and insults on respectable teachers.
Lecturer Md Mizanur Rahman
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