UNO Mamun sent homeless old & fable woman to safe shelter by ensuring soundness in Shapaher

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Update : Friday, July 30, 2021

Homeless old and fable woman Geeta Rani has been sent to safe shelter being assured to spend her life in a safe place till end of her life after taking care some 19 days in hospital.

It is learned that Geeta Rani, who was unidentified and mentally unbalanced, was rescued from an abandoned warehouse at Paglar Mor in Sapahar Upazila on July 10 this year in Naogaon.

For a long time she wandered around in different areas lossing her mental balance. Later, the people of the area informed Upazila Nirbahi Ofiicer. She was admitted to Upazila Health Complex for treatment as she was physically ill.

Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) took charge of arranging her food, clothing, medical treatment and permanent address. To take care of Geeta Rani a local woman has immediately been hired.

Whenever Geeta Rani agreed, she was sent to the Government Children’s Family (Girls) in Naogaon. UNO arranged for her to be sent to a government family (girl) with the aim of providing her with shelter, food and medical care, a safe haven and a better life.

UNO Abdullah Al Mamun Noyon said that many mentally ill people have set a humane example by sending a mentally ill old woman to a new address. So that Geeta Rani is assured of a good way to spend her life in a safe place till the end of her life.

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