Two youths assaulted in Rajshahi

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Update : Saturday, August 19, 2023

Two youths were attacked by a Chhatra League’s horrible under Charghat upazila in Rajshahi. One of them was beaten and his arm was broken, and the other two were first buried on the ground and then drowned in water with their hands and feet tied.

As they did not agree to sell their phones, Charghat Upajlo Shlua Union Chhatra League President Abdur Wadud Shubo and his colleagues picked up the two youths and took them to Nai.

The youths of Shakya are Nur Mohammad Palak (18) of Shalua Unayinar village of Kanajgari village in Abu Bakkar and his cousin Shakli Rahman (20) of Sakit Ali village of the same village. In between, Palak was buried on the ground and then tied hands and feet and drowned in water. And Shakli was blindfolded and beaten and his arm was broken.

Last Thursday (August 17) in the afternoon separately, two lakh taka was demanded from Tadre during a separate meeting. In the meantime, if Palak agreed to give 40 thousand rupees, he was released.

A video has gone viral in which Palak is drowned in water. In it, Palak is kept in a pond with his hands and feet tied to his knees. Sometimes I raise my head quickly and take a breath. I see someone standing next to me and trying to get someone to confess.

Chhatra League wrestler Nato Abdul Wadud Shubo Shalua village Sajdeur Rahman in his collaboration hall, Shalua village Saimuddari in Shabbari, Anju Ali in Shalua Mukta and Ramzan Ali in Lalan. All of them are involved in drug dealing. There are several cases against him under the Drug Act

Shakli Rahman said that Shubo and his people took Palak from Kanajgari intersection in Salwa. He was called Bamandighi, tied his hands, feet, eyes and face, first buried in the ground and then drowned in water. At that time, they tried to get the confession of money from Polkar and they videotaped each other on the phone.

Shakli also said, Shubo’s men went and picked me up from Choddpai area and blindfolded me and broke my left arm. After that, he passed out on the side of the road in that condition. The locals rescued him and sent the reinforcements.

When contacted over the phone, Abdur Wadud denied talking to Shubo Palak and Shakli.

OC of Charghat Model Police Station Mahbubul Alam Balne said there are 6-7 drug cases against Muktar, Sabbri, Lalonre. We have also arrested them. Now it is in Jamani. After the investigation, action will be taken against it.

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