Tremendous possibilities in Curd Business despite diverse problems

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Update : Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Curd producing and trading once started from a mysterious way by Getu Ghosh in Sherpur upazila beside Dhaka-Bogura road before 150 years back.

Now at least 50 curd producing companies and around 2000 employees have been at present involved in the curd producing and trading in the district and got national and international recognisation.

The curds of Bogura have been supplied all across the country as well as in the countries of the world individually having possibilities of earning foreign exchange as well as creating job market in the area.

But the curd business has been threatened by some problems like discriminatory VAT imposed, trade union’s leaders illegal demand, excess carrying cost, labour cost hike, demanding shelter, fund, and medicine facilities for the workers etc.

Shuresh Paul, a grand-son of Gouro Gopal, living in Seujgari area of the town said that they cannot keep pace with their long traditional business due to price-hike of the ingredients, marginal profit and financial constraints.

Once traditional business controlled by their family is now controlled by the rich business men in the town as they are struggling to survive due to financial problem, price-hike of the ingredients of curd, added Shuresh.

An owner of renowned Asia Sweets of the town said that to flourish the business internationally the border formalities should be easy, AC connected transport services should be made available by the importers and easy tax system should be improved at the same time.

A manager of the Moharram Doi Ghor Abdul Aziz said that the increase of the price of the necessary materials and increase of daily costs have been hampering the curd business and in addition some law-graded companies are producing low-graded curd and selling chiefly as they need not to have license.

The foreigners always come to the shops to take the taste of the curds from the beginning of the business though the number increases recently, added the Manager.

Owner of Moharram Doi Ghor of Bogura said that it is our long traditional parental business and the business can be expanded beyond boundary of the country by taking initiatives of the government and provided financial and loan support as well.


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