Traditional well (Indara) disappearing in Kurigram

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Update : Saturday, July 15, 2023

The traditional well locally known as Indara or Kua from the ancient period is now disappearing in the greater Rangpur region including Kurigram district.

Once upon a time well was the main source of pure drinking water in the rural areas. The village women taking a jar collected water from the well at any time in the day. All the family members drink the water, housewives cook rice and curry with the well water. The people of all walks of life including the farmers after ending farming and other activities wash their clothes and took a bath there.

The village women shared various local news and other family affairs activities at that time.The well was built 90-100 years ago in the villages to drink pure drinking water. The aristocratic families constructed the inner and outer sides with bricks and plastered and hung a written name of the owner or the name of near and dear ones in fine arts style. Floor space were also casting for bathing, washing clothes and other activities.

But now a days that scenes are out of sight. The ancient well are disappearing due to lack of renovation and dislike the modern youths. So the scene changed with the time and environment.

The traditional well is still now the witness of period in various villages in Kurigram district. The well is about disappeared with the touch of modern civilization..The modern and educated persons are examining and practically testing about soil and water. Various bacteria and other water born germs live in the well which invite diseases.Consequently, now everybody take clean and pure drinking water from tube well, deep tube well and filtering with filter machine.

While visiting in Kurigram town this correspondent found several ancient well which were used earlier but now those are in abandoned and useless.

One well is adjacent of Hossain Kha para Fakoria mosque,two in Majhipara,one Khanpara,one in HorikeshKanipara,two in HorikeshMadhdhapara,one in Sabujpara,one in Jahajghar crossing and one in eastern side of Old Railway station under Kurigram municipality area. Of them, the condition of well in Sabujpara is very good which is being used in household activities including drinking till now.

The senior citizen of Guatipara in the municipality AbdusSamad told that the well of Hossain Kha para was built in 1924.Earlier all the villagers used water from this well. But it damaged due to lack of repair and renovation.

Local elite of Kurigram Post Office para Sultan Ahmed told that the well of Jahajghar crossing is ancient. The upper portion is in good condition till now and it may be used again after repair of inner and lower parts. In addition, it is market area. There is no pond in the area. Water of the well may be used again and fire fighters may use this water to control any fire incident here.

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