Tomatoes being sold from ground in cattle carts in Rajshahi

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Update : Monday, December 11, 2023

Godagari of Rajshahi, the kingdom of tomatoes. This upazila produces the most tomatoes in Rajshahi. Tomatoes worth more than Tk 110 crore are bought and sold annually from this upazila. With which farmers are directly involved. As a result, tomato has become a cash crop for farmers. 8 to 9 thousand people have been temporarily employed in tomato trading.

Those concerned say that tomatoes are being produced in the land and sold from the land. Farmers are leaning towards tomato cultivation as production and sale system is easy. As a result, tomato cultivation land is increasing in this upazila every year. However, due to untimely rains this year, tomato cultivation has slightly decreased. However, as the production is good, it will be compensated, said the Agriculture Office.
This year, tomatoes have been cultivated in 3 thousand 600 hectares of land in Rajshahi district. Among them, only in Godagari upazila, tomato cultivation has been done on 2 thousand 245 hectares of land. Most of which are in Godagari upazila. In the last year (2022) season, 3 thousand 15 hectares and in 2021, 2 thousand 950 hectares of tomato were cultivated. However, out of the total 3,600 hectares of land in the district, if cattle farming is excluded, the remaining 200 hectares have been cultivated by all the upazilas.

A resident of Gogram Union of Godagari Upazila. According to Rakib, tomatoes are being cultivated in this region for the last 6/7 years. Earlier it was not cultivated commercially. At present tomato is being cultivated commercially in Godagari. There are benefits of selling tomatoes after cultivation. Traders bought tomatoes from the land.

Shri Balaram Karmakar of Gopalpur in Godagari said that the farmers have cultivated mostly 642 varieties of tomatoes this time. Besides, many have cultivated other varieties of tomatoes. However, this year there are fewer tomatoes on the plants. Tomatoes did not yield well. But the price is quite good.

Tomato trader Shamsul Alam Babu said that the price of tomatoes was high even 15 days ago. Still a good price. He sends a truckload of tomatoes every day. He sent tomatoes by trucks to Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Comilla. He claims relatively good prices in these markets.
He also said that many people have been involved in buying and selling tomatoes. These workers pick tomatoes from the ground, transport and sun-dry them for various purposes. They work from morning till afternoon.

Upazila Agriculture Officer Maryam Ahmed said that tomatoes are harvested from November to February (four months). Tomato is cultivated twice in this region. These include summer tomatoes. The price of these tomatoes is high for farmers. This year, these tomatoes were bought and sold at the rate of Tk 15 to Tk 160 in the market.

He said, this year, tomatoes have been cultivated in Godagari upazila on 2 thousand 245 hectares of land. Tomato production per hectare is estimated at 25 metric tons. It is assumed that this year tomato production will be 56 thousand 125 metric tons. If the average price of this tomato is 20 taka per kg, the price stands at 112 crore 25 lakh taka. It can be seen that more than 110 crores of tomatoes are bought and sold. Not only that, the tomato trading center has temporarily provided employment to 8 to 9 thousand people.

According to Godagari Upazila Agriculture Office, tomato production per hectare is usually 25 metric tons. Accordingly, this year tomato production is 56 thousand 125 metric tons. The average price of tomato is Tk 20 per kg. The total price is 112 crore 25 lakh taka. This year, the Agriculture Office estimates that tomatoes worth Tk 112 crore will be bought and sold only from Godagari upazila. Generally, tomato cultivation starts after harvesting the paddy. 17 to 20 varieties of tomatoes are cultivated in this upazila. Most of which are hybrids. But tomato cultivation is highly profitable than any other field crop.

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