Three brothers of a family physical disabled in Kurigram

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Update : Thursday, June 1, 2023

Three brothers are physically disabled by born. All of them cannot walk as they have no full legs. One moves with the help of bamboo stick and two others with half legs earn their livelihood in painful movement.

The three brothers were maintaining their respective family making Duli,Dali and Chatai with bamboo but now a days plastic made household articles are flood market causes their bamboo made products are not selling than previous times. In this situation they have no work and they have been passing days with frustration.

All of them have disabled card but they have not received any other government and non-government assistance causing now it is very hard to maintain their families.

The hapless three brothers are the inhabitants of Chilkirpar village under Bhogdanga union in Kurigramsadarupazila. They are Solaman 65, Monnaf 55 and Samad 50. They are seven brothers and sisters. Of them, three brothers are physically disabled by born. Their other brothers and sisters are living well as they have no physical problems. The physically disabled three brothers are married and they have also sons and daughters.

It is learnt that the three brothers are physically disabled by bornand they have toearn their livelihood in painful movement. The elder brother Solamon has four daughters and sons, second brother Monnaf has one son and third brother Samad has three daughters. But all their sons and daughters are living well. They have no other cultivable lands except homesteads.

Talking to disabled Solaman,Monnaf and Samad,told this correspondent that we the three brothers are physical disabled by born. All the three brothers have no legs. They have also separate family. They used to maintained their respective family by making and selling bamboo made Dali,Duli and Chatai but now these are back dated in the current market. If they work one day they have to sit idle for three days.They family is not well to do.

They have 6-7 members in each family and sometimes they have to pass days and nights without food if they failed to manage work but they don’t beg as they fell showing nervousness and shy. They said we want to do work to live on.They urged to the philanthropists or any kind hearted persons to offer them purchasing an auto Rickshaw (Mishuk) and they have to maintain those families driving the Mishuk.

Saidur Rahman, chairman of Bhogdanga union council under Kurigramsadarupazila told The Daily Messenger that these three physical disabled persons are the inhabitants of my union.They have disabled card. They are very poor who are maintaining their families with hard labor. I try to help them now and then.

Kurigram Civil surgeon Dr. Monjur a Morshed said there are many reasons to be physical disable by born. Orthopedic surgeons can describe the reasons well.

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