Thousands of people have been demanding a bridge over 50 years

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Update : Sunday, May 30, 2021

Thousands of people have been demanding a bridge over 50 years of Jhajor-Bilnothar village in Khamarkandi union  under Sherpur upazila of Bogura district.The Bengali river flows by Jhajor-Bilnothar village. After 50 years of the great liberation war, the desired bridge has not been built yet as there is no bridge. So the locals have repeatedly have been demanding the construction of a bridge for a long time. More than one lakh people of 22 villages have been suffering for the lack of a bridge . They have been waiting for building a bridge.
 According to the villagers, the Bengali river flows past the village of Jhajar-Bilothar. As there is no bridge over this river, they have to suffer endlessly.  Thousands of people from Bilnothar village on the east bank of the river and Jhajar village on the west bank have to cross the river in the rainy season.
On the other hand, in the dry season, the people of the villages have to cross the river on foot at different ends. Besides  pregnant women or dying patient are the most sufferer during they are taken to the hospital.
On the other hand, local farmers produce large quantities of various vegetables including paddy, potatoes and cucumbers.  If they want to sell these products, they have to go through many difficulties. They cannot be taken to the market in time as the communication system is very fragile.
 Local Ismail, Warez, Mohsin demanded the construction of the bridge, saying that if there is a bridge here, more than 700 students from different educational institutions in the area will be able to come and go safely. On the contrary , communication system, Haat Bazaar, infrastructural development and expansion of rural trade and commerce will take place in 22 nearby villages including village people.
They also said angrily that 50 years of independence have passed, the turn of power has changed several times and many bridges in the local have been developed.
 Asraful Alam, headmaster of Bill Nothar Government Primary School, said the long-term dream of the people of Shahjahanpur, Sherpur-Dhunat area was to build a bridge.  But they do not know why the bridge was not built for some unknown reason. Building a bridge over this river will change the style of life here.
In this regard, local UP member Md. Abdur Rauf said, this area of ​​the upazila is very important.But these two villages are especially neglected due to lack of bridges. However, a lot of vegetables are produced from the crop fields of these  area which are sold in different parts of the country. But if there is a bridge, the farmers of the area will get fair price from their crops. Besides, it will be possible to travel to different parts of the country including Upazila Sadar in a short time.
 Regarding the construction of the bridge, Chairman of Khamarkandi Union Parishad Abdul Wahab said that the construction of this desired bridge over the Bengali river has been a long-standing demand of the locals.
Sherpur Upazila LGED Sub-Engineer Md. Abdur Rashid said, “All the work for the construction of the bridge is in process, but it is estimated that the construction of the bridge may start in two years.”
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