The Nobel laureate in physics is in the PUST webinar Webinar on June 17

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Update : Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST), Department of Physics, highly skilled, conscientious and visionary teacher Pretam Kumar Das is going to start the 200th episode of a series of educational webinars where 2018 Nobel laureate Professor Donna Theo Strickland will take part. This is part of the 200th episode of the International Physics Webinar.

Even before this, world-renowned Nobel laureates imparted knowledge to many students through conversations. Another opportunity is June 17.

Skilled and teacher-friendly teacher Pretam Kumar Das is conducting regular online seminars or webinars through his Facebook page and YouTube channels “Physics_Adda” and “Astro Physics and Astronomy School”. This webinar is also a part of its continuity.

The webinar will be held in Bangladesh at around 7.30pm on June 17, this month.

Note that this will ensure the participation of the third Nobel laureate in PUST International Physics Webinar.

Now, the university ongoing closed during the global Corona period. However, university teacher Pretam Kumar Das has been relentlessly conducting online physics seminars through meritocracy to keep the students focused on training to keep their perseverance concerned.

Pretam Kumar Das, co-founder of Physics Chat and moderator of the webinar, said, “Professor Donna will be the third Nobel laureate to speak at our international physics webinar. Not only in Bangladesh; it is going to be a new milestone in physics.

It will be a great honor and pride for me to host this international physics webinar with students who will have great online opportunities to interact with famous scientists and Nobel laureates. ”

Entrepreneur Pretim Das urged everyone to enjoy the seminar.

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