The alleys of the market are full of election posters of the Bonik Somiti

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Update : Thursday, February 11, 2021

 The three-year election of Mithapukur Bazar Bonik Somobay Somiti of Rangpur has become  lively.15 candidates are contesting for three posts. The posts are President, General Secretary and Director. As there is no contest for the post of president, the election for this post is not being held.
Other posts will be held on February 14. In the meantime, the posters and banners of the candidates have filled the alleys of the market. Opposing candidates are Omar Faruque,Bajlar Rahman Faruque and Tapan Chandra Sarkar for the post of vice-president.
Mozahedul Islam Ujjwal and Golam Maula Shaheen are the general secretaries. Saburuzzaman Sabuj, Belal Hossain, Alamgir Hossain, Rabiul Islam, Tariqul Islam, Shah Jahan Mia, Belal Ahmed, Chan Mia, Shafiqul Islam and Bidhu Ranjan are the director. Wahedur Rahman Shaheen was elected as the president as there was no contest before.
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