Thakurgaon district administration working relentlessly to halt the spread of Covid -19

Update : Monday, April 26, 2021

Thakurgaon district administration led by deputy commissioner (DC) MD. Quamruzzaman Selim has been working relentlessly to halt the spread of Covid -19 in the district.

At the directive of the DC and also district magistrate Md. Quamruzzaman Selim, the executive magistrates of the district administration are conducting mobile courts at the crowded places of the district town and realizing fines from the people for not wearing masks during the lock down imposed by the government.

The executive magistrates are also making the people aware about the Corona and its bad impact to the society. Not only that, the magistrates are also distributing quality masks to the helpless people free of cost to fight against the Coronavirus outbreak.

Sometimes, DC Md. QuamruzzamanSelim himself is performing his duty to implement the directives of the Cabinet Division to check the spread of Corona virus in the district.

DC is also giving the advice to the people about Corona so that the people do not breach the safety rules of Covid-19.

He urged the people not to go out of the houses unnecessarily during the lock down.

On Saturday, the DC also distributed cash aid received from the Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare fund to the poor, destitute and the day labors who are facing hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The elite of Thakurgaon district town highly lauded the overall activities of the district administration led by DC Md. Quamruzzaman Selim to check corona infection in the district.

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