Teachers on the complexities of index transfer software from school / college to madrasa

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Update : Tuesday, April 26, 2022

There are hundreds of disenfranchised teachers in the policy. Despite being recommended in the 3rd public notification through the Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA), teachers are not able to transfer the index due to departmental changes. The teachers are not getting any solution even after visiting different places of the ministry and the department. He is being harassed at various places.

It is learned that teachers with index working in different schools, colleges and madrasas applied for change of institution with index number as per rules in the 3rd public notification of NTRCA. In the light of that application, the NTRCA authorities recommended them for final appointment in various madrasas under MPO. But you can’t join those organizations with the previous index.

The Department of Madrasa says that since there is no datalink on both the website of the Department of Secondary Higher Education (www.emis.gov.bd) and the website of the Department of Madrasa Education (www.memis.gov.bd), MPO registration cannot be done by maintaining the previous increment. And the madrasa has to be re-registered with the MPO.

Teachers say many of them have 3 to 5 years of work experience. And many have received 3-4 increments. If they do not maintain this increment, they will suffer huge financial loss. Moreover, you will be deprived of seniority and various retirement benefits during your tenure.

It is learned that the Secondary and Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education has already issued a circular on July 16, 2020 to address such issues. Moreover, Manpower Structure-2018 (as amended on 23 November 2020) Article 11.7 of the Madrasa states, “If the teacher-employee with index is transferred from one type of institution to another, the previous experience will be counted.”

The teachers demanded that the database software of the Madrasa Department should be updated while maintaining the increment. Necessary arrangements have to be made for online index transfer. The Ministry of Education or the Madrasa Department will have to issue a notification on how the previous index will be maintained if teachers apply.

Asked about this, Additional Secretary (Madrasa) of the Ministry of Education Habibur Rahman said, “We are discussing about it.” In fact, there is some ambiguity in the policy. However, a committee has already been formed to look into the matter. The committee is working to resolve this. The convener of the committee will be able to tell more details.

Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Education (Administration and Development) said the convener of the committee on issues related to index complexity. Moniruzzaman said, “We are already aware of the matter.” I have been out of the country for the last one week. I had a meeting about it before leaving the country. The issue was discussed in detail in the meeting.

Asked what was decided at the meeting, he said, “We have already decided to inform the senior officials about the problem of teachers.” It has already been reported. Hopefully we can come up with a solution in 2-3 weeks.

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