Surplus mustard cultivated in Bogura

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Update : Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Due to favorable weather and timely supply of necessary agri-input, Surplus mustard has been cultivated in Bogura.

The agriculture department is giving all kinds of support and advice to the farmers in this regard. Everywhere mesmerizing sight of mustard flowers is seen across the field in the region. The rhythm of raw turmeric brought a smile on the face of the farmers.

Farmers have become more interested in mustard cultivation as cultivation is possible in a short period of time. Mustard cultivation does not require much fertilizer or irrigation, so cultivation is increasing every year due to high profit with low capital.

Several farmers of the district said that mustard is a kind of bonus crop for them. Mustard can be grown indoors within a maximum of 72-75 days after sowing. No other fertilizers are required except a small amount of urea and TSP.

After sprouting, no work is required except weeding in the field. Mustard yields 6 to 7 maunds per bigha of land, the market value of which is more than Tk 12-17 thousand. Considering that, the profit of the farmer is Tk 10 to 12 thousand.

Farmer Bablu Mondal of Keut village of Gunahar union of Dupchanchia upazila said that one bigha of land costs up to Tk 6000-7000. And seven to eight maunds of mustard are produced. Excluding expenses, the profit is more than Tk 15-20 thousand.

Amjad Ali, another farmer of the same area, said, “Between Aman and Boro cultivation, mustard cultivation increases the fertility of the land. The yield of rice is also high. Apart from this, mustard plants can be dried and used as fuel.

Talking to the farmers of different areas, it is known that the farmers are cultivating high yielding (Ufshi) Bari-14, Bari-9, Sarisa-15, Bina Sarisa-9, Bina Sarisa-4 and local Tori-7 in most of their lands. If the yield is good and the price is good, mustard cultivation will increase next year.

Paddy cultivation is also better in mustard land and costs are reduced in boro cultivation. Mustard plants have also grown fast this year as the weather has been favorable. Due to which the farmer’s eyes have a happy smile.

Deputy Director of Department Agriculture Extension Md Matlubar Rahman said, “Since the weather is favorable, more mustard has been planted than the target this time.” The agriculture department is giving all kinds of support and advice to the farmers in mustard cultivation.” He added.

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