Several paved roads developing rural economy in Dupchanchia

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Update : Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Newly paved road will boost developing the rural economy under Dupchanchia upazila in Bogura. Apart from ensuring easy transportation of people, all kinds of facilities are available in the villages. People’s lives are about to change.

Upazila Engineering Directorate has renovated 12 km road and constructed 2 km road under IRIDP-3, GPBRIDP-2 RDRIDP and CRMIDP projects under this Directorate last fiscal year.

Meanwhile the upazila engineering department has played a leading role in the construction and renovation of educational institutions. In the last fiscal year, 23 primary school buildings were constructed and boundary walls were renovated under various projects with the efforts of upazila engineers.

Rural socio-economic standard has been improved by road construction. The ancient dirt roads were impassable during the monsoon season. A little rain would make the road muddy and potholed. Due to this situation on the shabby road, the movement of vehicles became a liability, let alone the movement of people on foot.

Due to the poor connection roads, the farmers of this area could never buy and sell their agricultural products at the market at the right price, bring any kind of goods including fertilizers and seeds. Village boys and girls could not go to city schools and colleges to study. The milk of the cow farmers could not be taken to the mills.

Ferdous , Pedestrian of Futaniganj village of the upazila, said that now people can move in fast vehicles through this newly constructed road. Farmers are able to move all types of goods including agricultural produce.

It is known from the office of the upazila engineer that the work of Taluchhat market building is going on under the nationwide rural market infrastructure development project. Besides, the construction of a multi-storied building at Dhaphat will start soon.

Upazila Engineer Md Rubel Hossain said that the Directorate of District and Upazila Engineering is working to make the rural economy dynamic and strong. Apart from this, we are working tirelessly to provide a suitable environment for studying by providing adequate classrooms for the underprivileged children to easily take them to the hospital for treatment of sick patients, to be able to sell the products produced by the farmers at a higher price in the city market.

Executive engineer of LGED department Gholam Morshed said that rural roads are being paved on a priority basis under the direction of the Honorable Prime Minister so that the rural people can enjoy all the facilities of the city. Besides, all concerned are repeatedly urged to do quality work with speed, he added.

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