Santal community celebrates programmes for DroupadiMurmu in Gaibandha

Update : Wednesday, July 27, 2022

As DroupadiMurmu, a woman of Santal community of India became the president of India, Santal community of the district greeted DroupadiMurmu and celebrated different programmesfor her in the district on Saturday.

In the morning around 10 am, the people including men and women of Santalinhabituated areas of Gobindaganjupazila here came to the district town and brought out a joyous procession from 2 number Railgate. The procession ended on the premises of Natya and Cultural organization after parading the main roads of the district town.

A large number of santal men and women took part in the procession wearing traditional clothes, taking musical instruments, and bows and arrows.

Then, a discussion meeting was also held on the premises of the organization with president of SahebganjBagda Farm Bhumi Uddhar Committee Dr. PhilimonBaske in the chair.

The convenor of Adivasi-Bengali Solidarity Parishad and general secretary of Gaibandha District Bar Association Adv. Sirajul Islam Babu, Executive Director of Abolamban and Member Secretary of Jana UddyogPrabir Chakraborty, Santal leader Priscilla Murmu, Santal leaders SuphalHembram, Kamal Murmu, TrishnaMurmu.

The speakers said that Santals living in Gaibandha district are proud and happy as Santal leader DroupadiMurmu was elected as the President of India. Through this, backward and marginalized communities including Santals will play active role in protecting their rights and dignity in the days ahead.

Seeing the success of DroupadiMarma, the children of Santal Community would be encouraged to studyin future, the speakers added.

The programmes were followed by cultural function and sweet distribution to the participants.

Bagdafarm Bhumi Uddhar Committee, Adivasi-Bengali SanghatiParishad, SamazikSangramParishad, Abalamban and Jana uddyog assisted the Santal men to celebrate the programmes in a befitting manner.

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