RU Reporters Unity celebrates its 22th founding anniversary

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Update : Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The 22nd anniversary of Rajshahi University Reporters Unity (RURU) has been celebrated with various charming events. The event took place at its office and Deans’ Complex in two sessions on Tuesday.

To celebrate the day, a cake was cut in the office of the organization at RUCSU building at around 9.45 pm. After the cake cutting, a colorful procession began from in front of the RUCSU arena. The procession encircled the major roads of the university campus. Later a discussion meeting took place at conference room of the Deans’ Complex of the university.

The Chief Guest of the meeting was Professor Golam Sabbir Sattar, Vice-Chancellor of the University, Rajshahi-3 Elected Member of Parliament Ayen Uddin was the guest of honor, Professor Sultan-ul-Islam and Professor Humayun Kabir, Vice-Chancellors of the University were the special guests and Professor Dulal Chandra Biswas of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism was the keynote speaker.

In the speech of the main discussant, Professor Dulal Chandra Biswas of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism said that the ground beneath the feet of journalists is constantly being washed away. Over the last 30 years, an overwhelming change has been accelerating in this sector. Now some say, we have to go back to the very basics. Others say that it is not possible to return to the original place. A new time has come. It has to be worked on.

Member of Parliament Ayen Uddin said in the meeting, it is the responsibility of the journalist to publish objective news. In this, the nation gets the direction of the right path. Therefore, the information should be verified properly before publishing the news for or against someone. If someone does wrong, it must be written. But news must have objectivity. Besides, he criticized the fake journalists. He thinks that due to them, the honor of this great profession is lost.

He also said, at some point, we started treating any information or media as a commodity. Businessmen started investing money. Treating media as an industry has not been good for journalism. Newspaper is a social institution. Social institutions have certain responsibilities. In earlier days these responsibilities were done by mass media. But later we notice that the media is not able to do its work as a social institution due to being commercial.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Golam Sabbir Sattar said that recently some media have been doing fake news. which is not desirable. So you as a student will be requested to publish objective news. There can be no retreat in providing objective news. However, you should take care that someone else’s ill will is not revealed through your news. Besides, he hopes that this organization will move forward in the practice of objective journalism.

Reportedly, the discussion session was held on ‘Recent Transformations in Journalism: Challenges and Prospects’. Bangla Tiffin was the food sponsor of the event.

The event was presided over by Shahinur Khalid, President of the organizataion. Asif Ahmed Digonto, the general secretary of the organization conducted the program. During the event, Public Relations Department Administrator Professor Pradip Kumar Panday, Teachers Association General Secretary Borak Ali and provosts of various halls, campus leaders of volunteers, social and political organizations, ex and present members of RURU and more than a hundred students were present.

Rajshahi University Reporters’ Unity is an organization of the campus journalists working on various national and local media. It was founded in October 24 of 2001. The members of this organization has been practising journalism since then.# Sent from my iPhone

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