Road blockage by CNG-Auto rickshaw Drivers triggered commuters’ sufferings

Mamun-ur-Rashid, Bogura: 49 Time View :
Update : Sunday, July 9, 2023

The drivers of auto-rickshaw blocked Station road for an hour for allegely protesting seize of their 5 vehicles for illegal parking on the road in Bogura on Sunday afternoon.

The blockage of the road created huge tail-back in the town triggering the sufferings of the commuters in the town hugely. Later with interfere of the high police officials, their blockage and eased the commuters’ movement as usual.

One of the drivers Shohan Mondal said that police drastically conducted a raid in the area and seized 5 five of the vehicles which are their means of income for co9nducting their families and they withdrew their demonstration as police were convinced with their demands.

Motor Transport Leader of Bogura Zila Badal Ahmed said that traffic police illegeally seized the poor drivers’ CNG-auto-rickshaws and later high officials of police settled down the matter.

Contacted, Snigdha Aktar, Additional Police Super (Admin) of Bogura said that the drivers do not pay heed to the traffic rules parking their vehicles illegally on the road and it created traffic jam and they have discussed with the motor transport members and solved the problem.

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