Risky movement on the broken bridge in Ulipur

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Update : Tuesday, May 28, 2024

A food bridge at Ulipur upazila in Kurigram damaged due to flood water causing the people are being suffered badly there every day.  Thousands of pedestrians and vehicles have to cross over the shaky bridge every day taking risk of their lives.

Consequently, accidents are happening there every day. Many passengers are being injured. But none of the local public representatives and related officials came forward following the incident. The locals are extremely angry about this.

It was learnt that the dilapidated bridge is standing at Dararpar intersection of Kamal farm under Durgapur union at Ulipur upazila in Kurigram district. Thousands of pedestrians along with hundreds of vehicles travel along that road every day from Kamal Khamar, Islampur, Ambari, Talertal and Dharanibari Union’s Janjaigir, Majhbil and Bakara Madhupur villages of Dararpar area in  Durgapur union. Small and big accidents are happening every day due to risking life.

Locals said that about 50 years ago, the 12 feet long bridge was constructed at the confluence of Chatla Bamni River on Tetultala Bazar road from Islampur village. Last year, the ground beneath the bridge collapsed due to the flood. Some kind hearted persons with the help of the locals arranged by laying earth and wood which was not sustainable.  The officials concerned did not take the initiative to renovate or rebuild the bridge till now.

One side of the bridge, along with the railings on both sides, was broken. Pedestrians are afraid of the bad condition of the bridge. People from around 10 villages come and go to the upazila town over the bridge. A part from this, battery-operated auto rickshaws, mixed cars, vans, bicycles, motorcycles have to ply there as urgent basis. But for more than a year, the authorities have not repaired the bridge.

Hossain Ali, a resident of that area, said the road is very important but the bridge collapsed causing public sufferings have been increased. Students and teachers of Kamalkhamar Government Primary School, Janjaigir Government Primary School and Kamal khamar Fazil Degree Madrasa have to go over this bridge at risk.

Muntaha and Machuma, students of class five of Kamal Khamar Tetul Tala Government Primary School, said that we have a lot of difficulty to go to school because of the broken bridge. Carriage horse actually we have to stand. We have to go to school regularly taking the risk of life. They demand to fix the bridge quickly and remove the difficulty of our going to school.

Kamal Khamar Tetul Tala Government Primary School Headmaster Ruhul Amin said that young students have to come to the school at risk through the broken bridge. Even many conscientious parents do not send their young children to school occasionally.

Pedestrians Hossain Ali, Haibar Ali, Jamal Uddin, Abdus Salam, Farid Mia said that even though this road is a village, more than a thousand vehicles of different types travel every day. Small and big accidents are happening here every day. The vehicle is difficult to move. It can be more difficult during rainy season.

They also said that last week, a mixed battery-powered auto-rickshaw with passengers fell into a ditch with serious injuries and is still undergoing treatment at Rangpur Medical College hoapital. The situation is that only two people are left to die now.

Local UP member Nurul Alam said that the bridge should be constructed newly as soon as possible. PIO office and upazila engineer have been informed along with the picture of the broken bridge.

Ulipur Upazila Engineer Pradeep Kumar said, I came to know about the bridge a few days ago and a new bridge will be constructed there as soon as possible.

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