Ridiculous electricity bill for a month of September Tk10.82 lakh!

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Update : Sunday, September 18, 2022

The people of Chatmohar are shocked to see the ridiculous electricity bill for a month. A customer Shri Adhir Kumar Sarkar has received his electricity bill paper for the month of September.

When he looked at the electricity bill for September, he was shocked because Tk 10 lakh 82 thousand 61 Tk was billed showing the consumption of 90 thousand 150 units of electricity in a month which has the signature of the bill maker Asma and AGM (Finance)

PabnaPalliBidyut Samity-1 has created a sensation in the area with such ghost bill. The victim’s family said that such bogus bills are nothing new in the office of PabnaPalliBidyut Samiti-1. These incidents are happening because no one is watching.

It should be noted that the bill in this meter was Tk 822 in the month of August.

Talking to the local residents and related parties, it is known that almost due to the generation of electricity bills by inefficient operators in this office, the customer’s name, father’s name, mobile number are wrong in the copy of the electricity bill. They further allegedly, they prepare the electricity bill sitting in the office without looking at the meter reading. AGM (Finance) has signature to crosscheck this bill but he does nothing.

About 3 lakh customers of this PalliBidyut Samiti-1 are facing losses from time to time.

AsmaKhatun, who prepared the bill in this regard, admitted the mistake and said that people make mistakes. Mistakes can happen when going to work. She also requested not to publish news about this.

Md Akmal Hossain, general manager of PabnaPalliBidyut Samiti-1, said, “After learning about the matter, I have given show cause notice the bill maker Asma. I sent an officer to the customer whose bill this happened to, to rectify the bill. But they are trying to make a big deal out of it. People can make mistakes.”


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