Review dismissed two death sentences upheld over Prof Taher’s murder

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Update : Thursday, March 2, 2023

Rajshahi University (Rabi) Associate Professor Mia Mohammad Mohiuddin and the caretaker of the deceased’s house who were executed in the murder case of Professor S. Taher of the Department of Physics and Mining. The Appellate Division dismissed the review application of Jahangir Alam. As a result, there was no legal obstacle to the execution of the accused. They will only be allowed to seek pardon from the President.

An appellate bench headed by Chief Justice Hasan Faiz Siddiqui passed the order on Thursday (March 2). Professor Taher’s wife Sultana Ahmed, daughter Advocate Segufta Ahmed and their family lawyers were present in the court.

The Appellate Division upheld the hanging of Associate Professor Mia Mohammad Mohiuddin in the murder case of Professor S Taher on April 5 last year. At the same time, the caretaker of the deceased’s house. The court also upheld the death sentence of Jahangir Alam and the life sentence of the other two accused. Nazmul Alam and Abdus Salam are the two who have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Later, the defendants filed a review application against this judgment in the Appellate Division.

On May 22, 2008, the Rajshahi trial court sentenced four people to death and acquitted two others in the Prof. Taher murder case. The defendants appealed to the High Court against the verdict. On April 21, 2013, the High Court upheld the death sentence of two accused and reduced the sentence to life imprisonment for the other two. The defendants also appealed against this verdict. On Thursday, the Appellate Division upheld the High Court verdict.

The full verdict said that a review of the confessions of the accused shows that Mian Mohammad Mohiuddin was playing a key and active role in the murder conspiracy. There is no doubt that Rajshahi University’s associate professor Dr. Dr. Mohiuddin only to be promoted as a professor.

Removed Taher from this world. His idea was, Dr. If Taher survives, he is unlikely to be promoted as a professor.
It should be noted that on February 1, 2006, Professor Taher’s body was recovered from the manhole in the residential area of Rajshahi University.

Two days after that, on February 3 of that year, Sanjid Alvi Ahmed, son of the victim, filed a murder case against unknown persons at the Motihar police station of Rajshahi metropolis.

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