Regional Duck Breeding Firm performing services despite problems

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Update : Saturday, October 21, 2023

The Regional Duck Breeding Firm is performing services despite some problems in Kurigram. The firm was set up on three acres of land in 1984 by the side of Rangpur-Kurigram(RK) highway near Kurigram central bus terminal.At that time it was only poultry firm but it turned as Regional Duck Breeding Firm (RDBF) in 2017.

There are six layer grower shed with holding capacity 2000 ducks aged 150 days,brooder-1 where duck kids aged 0-90 days are kept, an office-cum-residence center(1st floor),dormitory building(3rd floor) in the office campus.

The total holding capacity of ducks are 3000 of layer here but now the number of ducks in large size at 950. The number of ducks aged two months are 1153. There are two varieties of ducks here which are Khaki Campbell (England) and Zinding(China).The Khaki Campbell variety of duck gives230-250 eggs per year. All the ducks are High Yielding Variety here, official sources said.

The unfit eggs for hatching and the aged or rejected ducks are being sold. The private duck firm owners are being motivated to establish more farms for financially benefit as well as to meet the demand of protein of people.

A total of around 8500 chicks sale here per month. The target of layer duck rearing at 1000 in this year and target has been achieved. The target of chick’srear aged one day at 50000 in this year which has been exceeded at 64000. The price of per chicken aged one day is being sold at Tk. 25/-

Around 60-70 firm owners purchase chicks from here per month and 100-150 persons are being advised per month.

Some problems are prevailing here. Two air conditions containing three tons in hatchery and one more AC is needed here.

Poultry Development Officer is also in-charge of Senior Assistant Director of KurigramDuck Breeding Firm including Hatchery Asaduzzaman told this correspondent that the number of post of office staff are five but at present only two staffs are performing duties and other staffs are needed.The production are being hampered due to iron mixed water. Production is better using iron free water. There is no drainage system to pass out unclean water causing dirty water remain stagnant in the campus which may invites diseases of ducks.

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