Rajshahi Sadar Hospital yet ready to deal with Corona

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Update : Saturday, January 15, 2022

Rajshahi Sadar Hospital was given administrative approval by the Department of Health in early July to be used as a ‘Corona Dedicated’ hospital. After that the renovation work started at a cost of about Tk two and a half crore.

The central oxygen unit, 150 ordinary beds and 15-bed ICU units were set to be operational by November 28. But in January of this year, the reform work was not completed due to ‘various complications and lack of coordination’. As a result, when the number of corona patients began to rise again, it could not be ascertained whether the head hospital would be used to treat corona dedicated patients.

According to responsible sources, apart from Rajshahi Medical College (RMC) Hospital and Shahid Ziaur Rahman Medical (Shajimek) College Hospital in Bogura, there is no better system of corona treatment in the north-west. This situation created tremendous pressure during the second wave of corona at Ramek Hospital last year. That is when it was decided to make Rajshahi Sadar Hospital a ‘Corona Dedicated’ hospital.

Engineer Mostafizur Rahman, who is in charge of the renovation work of Sadar Hospital, said that the work of two tenders is nearing completion. Medical activities will start at Sadar Hospital after getting the necessary materials after the ongoing renovation.

Rajshahi Divisional (Health) Director Habibul Ahsan Talukder and Rajshahi Deputy Civil Surgeon Raziul Haque told reporters that if there are more corona patients at RMC Hospital, additional patients will be treated at Sadar Hospital.

Meanwhile, when asked about the current condition of Corona, Director of Ramek Hospital Brigadier General Shamim Yazdani said that people are being affected by the third wave again before the end of the second wave of Corona.

At present 25 to 30 crore patients are admitted here every day. Corona patients are allotted 8 beds with 10 ICUs. He said that if the situation deteriorates further, the medical activities of the corona patient will continue at Ramek Hospital.

Besides, as soon as Rajshahi Sadar Hospital is ready, medical services will be started for the patients as ‘Corona Dedicated’ Hospital. He added that the number of corona patients is still lower than in the second wave. So the patient with all the corona and symptoms will be sent there.

Necessary assistance in this case will be provided by RMC. If there are more patients than the capacity, they will be treated at RMC Hospital. However, an integrated meeting will not be possible until the reforms are completed.

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