Rajshahi government-private offices indifferent to hygiene!

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Update : Thursday, January 20, 2022

Omikran is rediscovering the corona delta variant. Meanwhile, the infection rate in Rajshahi has risen to 40 percent. Besides, the health department has declared Rajshahi as a ‘red zone’. Earlier, the health ministry had issued 11-point instructions warning about this.

Letters have also been sent to government offices. But even then, many government and private offices in Rajshahi are indifferent to hygiene. Even in Corona’s upstairs situation, the special hand-washing arrangements that were made outside the organization are now in place. Heaps of garbage have accumulated due to lack of maintenance and use. However, in Corona situation, cleanliness is being given special importance.

A search of the city’s tax office, public office, public health engineering department, LGD office and a few other offices in the upazila revealed that many of the service seekers and employees are not wearing the mandatory mask. The hand washing system at the entrance of the office was littered with piles of dirt. There is no soap or any other liquid system. It is clear that they have not been used for a long time.

Meanwhile, at the initiative of the government, the Department of Public Health Engineering has set up permanent hand washing infrastructure in 53 institutions in Rajshahi. Which have been used and taken seriously by the concerned institutions in the upward situation of Corona. But as the infection subsides, so does the infrastructure.

Talking to some of the service seekers of these organizations, they said that the provision of soap and water in front of the organization was a very beneficial initiative. They could come from far and wide and clean their hands and face in a beautiful way.

But if the Corona situation is normal, then there is soap, there is no water, again there is water, there is no soap. In the meanwhile, they have not been cleaned for a long time and they are no longer usable. That’s why they don’t use it anymore. These places should be clean even in such a normal time.

Shafiqul Islam Akand, tax commissioner of the Rajshahi tax office, told reporters that the number of people attending the tax office has been much lower since the tax fair. And after a long period of coronary conditions, much was returning to normal. That’s why everyone is using the wash room inside the office. That’s why the outside was a bit dirty. But it will be cleared soon.

Ahmed Mahbubur Rahman, Senior Assistant Engineer, LGED, said, “Our campus is always clean and tidy. However, as the situation has been normal for a long time, there may be some weakness in the hand washing system. However, this issue will be resolved soon.

Roznuzzaman, an executive engineer at the Rajshahi Public Health Engineering Department, said there was apathy among the people as the Corona situation was normal. And we just built it. However, the responsibility of care belongs to the concerned organizations. Everyone needs to be aware of this.

Rajshahi Additional District Magistrate (ADM) Sabiha Sultana told reporters that a normalcy has been going on for a long time after overcoming the upward situation in Corona. That’s why people don’t take Omicron very seriously. However, the district administration is conducting awareness campaigns as well as campaigns. People are being warned. Again, as the incidence of corona is increasing, every organization will be warned. If not, legal action will be taken.

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