RAB-12 arrests 2 black marketeers in Bogura for making fake cigarettes and biris by reusing fake and used bandrolls

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Update : Monday, August 9, 2021

RAB-12, Bogra Camp has learned on the basis of secret information that an organized gang is making cigarettes and bidis in the Sonatala police station area of ​​Bogra district by reusing fake and used bandrolls by evading government revenue. On the basis of this news, Company Commander of Bogra RAB Camp Lt. Commander Abdullah Al Mamun, (G), an expedition team of RAB-12, Bogra Camp led by BN on 09 August 2021 at 02.30 pm at Sonatala Police Station under Chaitanabo Md. Mostafizur Rahman Sada Mia (48) father- deceased Habibur Rahman, conducted a raid on the dirt road in front of the factory of Sang-Garfatepur. Shri Nikhil Chandra Das (58) Father- Khagendra Nath, Sang Kuki Jagannathpur, Thana-Shibganj, 2. Md. Khokon Mandal (35), father-Md. Abul Hossain Mandal, Sang-Purkayet (Bargachha), Thana-Sonatala, both districts-Bogra have a total of 12,350 packs of cigarettes, 7200 packets of bidi, 01 covered van (Dhaka Metro-2) -0456), seized 02 mobiles and Rs. 7500 / – in cash. Preliminary interrogation revealed that the two arrested accused had been making cigarettes and bidis for a long time by reusing fake and used bandrolls with government revenue evasion. The arrested accused have been handed over to Sonatala police station in Bogra district for taking legal action against them.

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