PUST’s female student suicide, husband in police custody

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Update : Monday, March 25, 2024

Asif Morshed,26, has been taken into police custody in connection with recovery of the hanging body of Sharveen Sultana Meem, a master’s student of Tourism and Hospitality Management Department of Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST).

On Monday noon, Meem’s body was recovered from a flat in Block C of Road No. 5 in Munsurabad residential area of Pabna.

Deceased Sharveen Sultana Meemdaughter of Azizul Islam of Gangniupazila of Meherpur. Meem’s husband Asif Morshed completed his Honors from department of urban and development planning of the Pabna University of Science and Technology. His father Abdul Malek of East Ekhlaspur of Begumganjupazila of Noakhali.

The deceased’s husband, Asif Morshed, said that he last spoke to Meem at 4 pm on Sunday. Since then, his phone has been switched off. Called during Seheri but could not be found on the phone. He left Dhaka at 4:30 pm. When he came home and went to the flat with the house owner, he found the door closed.

Then came the police and university administration. The owner of the house, Marina Islam, said that Meem and her husband rented the house two months ago. But they didn’t stay there all time. Her husband was not at home last night, he was in Dhaka. He came from Dhaka at 9:30 in the morning and went to that flat. He went to the flat and found the door closed.

Everyone gets suspicious if the door doesn’t open even after knocking. Later, when the police were called, they brought the fire service and when they broke down the door, Meem was found hanging from the ceiling fan.

Classmates of the deceased said that Meem was a resident student of room number 409 of Sheikh Hasina Hall of the university. Ever since his marriage he lived in a hall. Used to live in Mansurabad with her husband. After marriage, he did not share much with anyone. They are suddenly surprised by this incident. Requested the administration to investigate whether it was suicide or something else.

University proctor Dr. Kamal Hossain said, we got the news at 11am on Monday and immediately went to the spot. Then we saw the police and fire service came. After breaking down the door, he was found hanging. Her husband is in police custody.

Officer-in-Charge of Pabna police station Roshan Ali said, we sent the police after getting the information. The police went and recovered the body hanging from the flat and sent it for post-mortem.

Details can be given when the report comes. She also said that her husband lives in Dhaka. came in the morning He is being questioned about something. Nothing else. It will be possible to give details about this later.Asif Morshed, the deceased’s husband, has been brought to the police station for questioning, the OC said.


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