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Update : Monday, May 23, 2022

After six years, in the presence of parents, journalists and other guests, Pabna University of Science and Technology (PUST) held a grand, festive and joyous atmosphere on Sunday to mark the fresher of the students for the academic year 2020-21 (13th batch).

The campus was gorgeous and colorful on New Year’s Eve. The campus was abuzz with new students walking. The parents and guests were also overwhelmed with joy.

Vice-Chancellor Prof SM Mostafa Kamal was the chief guest at the event, Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Hafiza Khatun.

The programme started in the morning till noon at the Independence Square of the University Campus with the recitation of Holy Quran and other books. The national anthem is then performed. At this time the Vice-Chancellor and Pro-Vice-Chancellor welcomed the new students with flowers.

The programme was conducted by associate Prof Mir Humayun Kabir and Raushan Yazdani. Additional controller of examinations Fazle Rabbi Khan was the member secretary of welcome fresher.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Hafiza Khatun was present as the chief guest. She said, “You have gone from one cycle to another.” You have to follow the path of knowledge to build your life. He also mentioned religious observances. All this time you were under the close supervision of your parents. Now, the teachers of this university have to be under intensive supervision.

Vice-Chancellor said that the people who would be followed during the speech were quoted as follows; in the same way you will achieve it in such a way that you can be a role model. So that people will quote you.

She said that the university has to acquire, acquire and create knowledge. In every field of life you have to deposit good work little by little and that good work will be deposited in the bank of life at some point.

Vice-Chancellor further said, that in order to move forward in life, one should not only look at oneself, but also clear the way for others to move forward. Just as you follow the path shown by others, so will others follow the path shown by you. You will dream. You can’t grow up without stumbling.

Perseverance of mind, honesty will move forward with concentration. Teachers will support you in every possible way, she added.

Pro-Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. SM Mostafa Kamal Khan, referring to the creation of universities in different countries of the world, said that science and technology is one of the means to compete with the world in the 21st century.

Five Dean Prof Dr. Khairul Alam, Prof Saiful Islam, Prof Mohammad Habibullah, Prof Md. Kamruzzaman, Dr. Mohammad Nazmul Islam, Registrar (Current Responsibilities) Bijan Kumar Brahma, Proctor Hasibur Rahman, Student Advisor Sameeran Kumar Saha and University students spoke at the event. PUST’s students Priyanka Sultana, Tahsin Alam, Sanjida Smriti and Utsav Kumar Das expressed their expressions.


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