Primary school student beaten mercelessly in Sherpur 

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Update : Sunday, June 18, 2023

Student has been beaten mercelessly by a woman teacher of Parvobanipur Boys Government Primary School under upazila of Bogura district. Student Kawser Ahmed  reads in class four. After the incident, the matter has been tried to be managed, but finally, as it was known to everyone in the locality. the commotion has been started. Angry local people have demanded the Justice  of the accused teacher also.
This incident happened last Thursday (June 15) at Parvoavanipur Boys Government Primary School of Khamarkandi Union of the  Upazila.
On investigation, it is known that there was a fight between two students named Kausar and Solaiman Ali, student of the fourth class   of the school. At one stage, the matter was reported to the assistant teacher of the school, Hasina Parveen. Later, without knowing anything, the teacher whipped the young student Kawsar Ahmed in the name of discipline. It caused ten to twelve serious injuries on his body. On hearing the news, the father of the student, Bablu Akand, came to the school and filed a lawsuit against the teacher to the headmaster. But instead of Justice, the incident was covered up.It is alleged that a large sum of money has been transacted in this regard.
A teacher of the school, who did not want to be named, said it was not right to beat  a small student like this. Still no one is opening up about that teacher.  Because All areas have been managed. Besides, the family of the student who was injured in the flogging is very poor. Then threats are made through local slanderers. So, although he was a candidate for Justice  at first, he was then  silent because of fear.
When asked, Mominul Islam, headmaster of Parvoavanipur Boys Government Primary School, admitted the truth of the incident.  However, he said that the issue has been solved through the members of the school management committee. Local dignitaries were also present. So he claimed that no action was taken against the teacher.
When asked about the incident, father of the victim student Bablu Akand said, “I am a poor person. I do not know the law-court. After knowing the matter, I went to the school and complained to the headmaster.”
When asked, the accused teacher Hasina said,”I do not agree to comment & the misunderstanding has been finished.”
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