Press conference held in Sherpur

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Update : Thursday, January 5, 2023

Four villagers held a press conference demanding freedom from the grip of drug dealers-land robbers and terrorists in Sherpur of Bogra.  They have also requested to protect the ancestral land.  This press conference was organized on Wednesday (January 04) at noon in the ground of Ambeil Government Primary School of Upazila Bhabanipur Union.  In addition to more than half a hundred victims of Ambeil, Gorta, Balenda and Bhadra villages of the same union, more than two hundred men and women of the area were present.
 In a written speech at the press conference, Solaiman Ali, a retired teacher of Ambeil village, complained that the common innocent people of these villages are suffering from torture by Kamal Singh and his people, who are known as drug dealers in the area.  Especially worried about his homeland.  Because that circle has forcibly occupied the land of at least half a hundred people in four villages of Bhavanipur union.
If you prevent the occupation by force, you have to be attacked and sued.  As a result of this, fifteen bighas of his crop land were forcibly occupied recently.  Similarly, five bighas of farmer Abdus Salam were seized a month and a half ago.  However, the farmer has also made a seedbed for cultivating boro rice in these lands.  In this way, they are suffering financially as their ancestral property is being dispossessed one after another.
In the press conference, 15 farmers of those four villages, including Jasim Uddin of Ambeil village, Saheb Ali of Balenda village, said that they have filed 13 cases in the court to recover the land.  Even so, the squatters continue to occupy the land in this way.  Another 12 bighas of their land has been dispossessed in the last one month.  In order to recover the land, these four villagers gave a memorandum to Bogra District Commissioner, Superintendent of Police, Sherpur Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) and Officer-in-Charge of the police station a week ago.  But till now there is no cure.  Therefore, they wanted the immediate intervention of the administration through a press conference.
 Meanwhile, when asked to comment on the matter, the accused Kamal Singh denied the allegations against him and said that the lands against which allegations were made against him are their occupied lands.  Although the lands are government private property, they have been in their possession since their ancestors.  Some local farmers are claiming ownership by creating fake land documents.  We have not encroached on anyone’s personal property.  He claimed to have taken possession of his own property.
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