Poor family seeking for the intervention  in Sherpur

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Update : Tuesday, February 2, 2021

A poor family has fallen into the wrath of a lustful rural Matabbar after seeing a stranger. The boy has been jailed for being involved in a false case.  Even then the village Matabbar did not stop. Now he is threatening the schoolgirl with indecency.

The victim made the allegation at a press conference held at Sherpur Press Club in Bogura on Tuesday (February 2) at 5 pm.

In a written statement, She said her son Sohag Babu worked as a brick kiln worker and this opportunity was taken by the village Matabbar Abu Hashem.  He got involved in an extra marital affair with his own son’s wife.  He was even caught in an abusive situation in the boy’s house. But she did not dare to open  her mouth against him for fear of being an influential person.

However, through compromise, son Sohag divorced his wife.For this reason the village matabbar became enraged at this.  Following this, her son was beaten on December 26 last year.  At the same time, he was tied to a tree and tortured.  The boy Sohag was handed over to the police station with a false case after arranging a theft drama. However, after spending several days in jail, her son is currently out on bail.

Khatun complained that Matabbar Abu Hashem did not stop even after imprisoning her son in a false case.  The torture of his forces has become unbearable.  In particular, they have lost their way due to the threat of indecent exposure to school children.  Suffering from extreme insecurity.  She is not even daring to take legal recourse against that influential Matabbar.  Therefore, She sought the intervention of the concerned administration including justice through a press conference.

Asked about the matter, accused Matabbar Abu Hashem of Dhunat’s Kundigati village declined to comment.

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