Policeman kidnapping, torture

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Update : Tuesday, April 11, 2023

The police have arrested 4 members of a professional thief, robber gang in the case of torture and robbery after abducting a policeman in Rajshahi city.
They were arrested by SI Mustafa with Force after raiding till late night on Sunday.

The arrested are identified as Md Palash Kabir (25), son of late Surre Jamal of Hargram Bazar area under Kashiadanga police station of that city, Md Sagar Islam alias Imon (29), son of Md Samad Mandal of Mor Ambagan area of Soraphan under Motihar police station, Md Rocky (35) of Boyalia police station. Mother Sohail (40), son of Md. Abdur Rahman of Shiroil Colony Dosar Mandal Mor area and son of deceased Islam Sheikh of the same police station.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Motihar Police Station Md. Hafizur Rahman confirmed this information on Sunday night. Citing the statement, OC said, police member Jayantu Kumar (2960) riot control department, police line RMP Rajshahi.

He got into an auto to come to the market last Thursday (April 6) from in front of the Range DID office under Rajpara police station in the city. At that time, two young men wearing face masks were in the auto. Within 3-4 minutes one of the two masked youths held a handkerchief to the policeman’s face and he lost consciousness immediately.

Before iftar that day, he regained consciousness and saw that he was lying on the floor of a house. Some unknown people next to him tell him to take out what he has. Out of fear he gave his nearest cash Tk 3500 However, the robbers snatched 2 silver rings and 1 gold ring worth 15 thousand taka. At that time, the robbers beat him and demanded more money.

At that time the Dutch Bangla Bank ATM card kept by the policemen was seized and asked for the PIN number. He was severely beaten for not giving marks. Reluctantly, he told the pin number of his card. After getting the pin number, Uday, Palash and Rocky entered the ATM booth of Dutch Bangla Bank under Motihar police station and withdrew Tk 8,000 from the card.

Policeman Jayanthu Kumar lost consciousness again due to excessive beating. To bring him back to consciousness, the kidnappers burned his hands and feet with cigarette lighters. Later that evening, the robbers took the policeman and left him in the garden in the field of Radio (Wireless) Center under Motihar Thana to save themselves.

When he regained consciousness, he stood up and was beaten by Rumel, the son of Palash, the notorious thief and robber Zahedali of Uday Pawar House neighborhood. At that time, the people living around the settlement and involved in the work of motor workers came forward and shouted that they were abductors and robbers.

When the crowd called 999 to inform the police, the robbers escaped. Motihar Thana police patrol team went to the spot and rescued the injured policeman after hearing the matter. In this matter, the victim policeman filed a case in Motihar police station.

The OC also said that the accused are gangs of organized thieves and robbers. They have network all over Rajshahi. Their leader is Rumel, son of Jahedali of Power Housepara. They have no fixed source of income. They all do drugs. Kidnapping, stealing, robbing for drug money is not a crime they don’t commit.

An operation is underway to arrest the fugitive and main accused Rumel. The arrested were handed over to the court on Sunday morning. The OC also said that they have been remanded for questioning.

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