PMC students formed humanchain to demand implementation of 8-point demands

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Update : Monday, July 24, 2023

The students of Pobna Medical College (PMC)on Monday noon formed a humanchain with the aim of implementing 8-point demands including solving the problem of transport crisis, hostel and campus security.

Students of all the semesters gathered together and boycotted the classes in front of the Pabna Press Club to realize their demands. Iftekhar Ahmed Akash, Shahnewaz Shishir, Tashir Ahmed, Mehdi Hasan Milton, Suraiya Sharmin Shanta, Mehdi IqmaUrbashi and others spoke at the human chain.

Speakers said that the college authorities have stopped the hiring of transport for the students for a long time due to the budget crisis.At present all the students have to travel to Pabna General Hospital at their own expense which is about 5 km away from the main campus.

Due to lack of own transport, students are facing many problems to attend classes regularly.They are not able to go to the hospital in due time as their own transport is stopped.The students said that despite repeatedly telling the college authorities about all these issues, they are wasting time without taking any action.

In this regard, Dr. Pabna Medical College Hospital PrincipalMd.Obaid Ibn Ali told New Age that we have talked many times with public works regarding the demands of the students.They told us that there is currently a budget crisis.All the works of this college are done by public works department.A tender has been invited to address the transport crisis.We are trying to resolve it as soon as possible.Budget will actually solve everything.

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