People suffering for lack of connecting road of bridge at Roumari

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Update : Sunday, October 29, 2023

A concrete footbridge was constructed at KomorbhangiVitapara area under Roumariupazila in Kurigram over a canal of the embankment for smooth communication of the people. But the people are being immense suffered badly due to lack of connecting road of the bridge.

Roumariupazila of Kurigram district has been disconnected by the Brahmaputra River. Most of the rural roads and not metaled here. Some roads damaged by flood water.

A bridge was constructed over a canal of embankment at KomorbhangiVitapara area in the upazila. Although the bridge constructed but the people are being suffered to move in the road due to lack of connecting road with the bridge.

The bridge was constructed at a cost of more than Taka 70 lakhs for more than fifty thousand people but it is useless at present. People of all walks of lives including students and teachers of school, college and Madrasha are being suffered badly. Finding no alternative way the villagers are however climbing on the bridge with a bamboo made ladder taking the risk of life. Consequently the villagers are frustrated.

It is learnt that a good number of people of ten villages including KomorbhangiVitapara, KomorbhangiJamaipara,Putatonpara,Sheberdangi,Pakhiura and KomorbhangiUttarpara under Jadurchar union of the upazila run in the road every day. A 15 meter concrete footbridge was constructed at a cost of Taka 70 lakh 72 thousand in the fiscal 2021-2022 at KomorbhangiVitapara area over a canal of the embankment for smooth communication of the people. But it is a regret that there is no connecting road in both sides of the bridge.The bridge is very high from the road. The people who run in the road as an emergency basis they have to climbwith a bamboo made ladder to reach on the newly constructed bridge The plight of the villagers know no bound as it is lying as an abandoned position.

The farmer Monir Hossain of Sheberdangi area adjacent of the bridge area told that we are being suffered as no earth have been thrown in both sides of the bridge. We can’t transportating our produced to our respected houses. The bridge is useless now.The student Limon,Asadullah,SumaiyaKhatun,FatemaKhatun,AlponaKhatun and MazedaKhatun told that we afraid when we climbed through a bamboo made ladder on the bridge. Finding no alternative way we go to school every day taking the risk of lives.

Local businessman Sultan Mahmud and Abdul Hamid said to construct the bridge not only increasing the better communication but also life risk have also been increased. Our agricultural products have to reach in the local hats and bazarsmoving more distance of four kilometer.

Roumariupazila Project Implementation Officer (PIO) Samsuddin said no final bill has been paid till now. So it is ordered to the concerned contractor to repair the road for smooth communication of the people

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