People suffering due to lack of pave road in Sherpur

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Update : Sunday, December 12, 2021

People of various professions, including officials and employees of Ful Agro Farm Limited, have been suffering for a long time due to lack of pave road from Baliadighi Eidgah Ground of Ful Agro Farm Limited.
This road is the same route as there is no alternative route one.It is very difficult for the commuters to travel every day gradually.
Before this road was not important except for the paddy harvesting season but now the importance of this road is increasing day by day due to the establishment of Full Agro Farm Limited and commercial cultivation of different varieties of vegetables and fruits by many people.
 In addition, the road is not paved at about 1 km 300 meters, people are in trouble due to dust and sand in the dry season and muddy and slippery in the rainy season.  As a result, hundreds of people have been suffering traveling on the road every day.
According to local sources, the road was previously connected to the village of  Magurartair.
The locals further said that before this road, the people of Magurartair, Ghordour, Khamarkandi have been carrying horse carts, tomtom carts, palanquins, bullock carts, trolleys, wheelbarrows and carrying on their shoulders to Sherpurhat, Chandaikona Haat Ranirhaat, Tarash and various other haat-bazaar and relative of the area. They used to travel to their  relative’s house.
Former member Abdur Rauf said that the road will be paved only if the government-directed mapped road is initiated by the member and chairman.He added, Goats, poultry, bicycles and other materials are being hunted with more suffering while bringing and taking.
 It has been seen on the spot that the road from Baliadighi Eidgah ground  to Ful Agro Farm Limited of prominent fruit trader Md. Shahidul Islam is of utmost importance.
The whole part of the dirt road is covered with dust. People have been suffering due to dust blown in the air while riding motorcycles on this road.
Md. Nurul Amin, A Teacher  Engineer of Civil Department of Bogura Polytechnic Institute, said, “If the representatives take the initiative, the government-directed mapped road will definitely come out. There should be no obstacle here.”
 According to Khamarkandi Union Parishad sources, they will extend all possible cooperation to restore the connection of the road with Magurartair village and to pave the unpaved road.

 Md. Liaquat Hossain, Upazila Engineer, Local Government Engineering Department, said, “I wish every citizen to have access to paved roads.”

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