People demanding for  pave road in Sherpur 

 Tofazzal Hossain, Staff Reporter :: 330 Time View :
Update : Sunday, July 4, 2021

People have been demanding for the pave road in Khamarkandi  union under Sherpur upazila of Bogura district. Dilapidated condition of about 5 km of unpaved road from Amtala Bazar to Ghordaur Dakhil Madrasa in Bhabanipur village of Khamarkandi Union became very sad condition. The maturation initiative has not been taken yet.
On the other hand, the condition of the road is 2 km from Magurar Tair Hajipara to Ghordoaur Ghosh Para and about 2 km from Magurar Tair Paschim Para to Parbhabanipur New Mosque is all the same figure of the locality.
 According to the locals, thousands of people of some villages connect with the town through these roads. Although the roads in the surrounding areas are paved, the authorities are indifferent about them.  The dirt roads in these areas become muddy in the summer and muddy in the rainy season, muddy and slippery. These roads made of raw soil did not get any development after independence of Bangladesh
During the rainy season,it is very dangerous for children and adults to travel on this road. As a result, there is no way to move normally. Students from different educational institutions cannot go to school regularly due to this bad shape. Farmers in this area are also in trouble for marketing their produce. Besides, if someone suddenly falls ill, it is not possible to take them to the Upazila Health Center for medical services.
 Locals said, “We have been repeatedly demanding paving of roads for more than 40 years.”  Due to the muddy condition of these roads during the rainy season, walking has become a liability.However, the people of this area are traveling with great difficulty at the risk of their lives every day through this muddy slippery road.
 Md. Abdul Khalek, son of the Late Bakso Pramanik, a resident of the area, expressed his anger and said that the leader comes and goes, but the road is not paved.When it rains, the traffic on this road is almost stopped every year.Everyone goes through this road after crossing the knee-deep mud.
 Faruk Hossain, son of Alhaj Abdur Rahim Sarkar, a resident of the village, said no vehicles were plying on the road during the rainy season due to excessive mud. So no relatives want to come to this village or even get married.
 Shafiqul Islam, newly elected president of Par Bhabanipur Girls Government Primary School, said that if a pregnant mother had a labor pain late at night, there was not much traffic on the road due to mud and the pregnant patient had to be taken to the hospital. As a result, many times the child dies in the womb.
 Superintendent of Rangamati Dakhil Madrasa Md. Ibrahim Hossain said that the leaders and workers of the ruling party do not evaluate anyone’s words about paving the road.
 When asked about this on his mobile phone, Upazila Assistant Engineer Md. Abdur Rashid refused to comment.
When asked, Khamarkandi Union Parishad Chairman Abdul Wahab said, “It was not possible to pave the roads for any reason.” However, he hopes that it will be possible to pave in the current financial year.
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