Partial parts of Hanagor damaged bridge not repaired

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Update : Wednesday, October 25, 2023

A concrete footbridge over Hanagor canal of Chamrargola-Velokopa road of Kurigram municipality area was partially collapsed in eastern side with heavy current of flood water in 2017 which is not repaired till now causing the people are being suffered badly..

The 50 feet long Foot Bridge was constructed on 2013.The people of NamaVelakopa,TapuVelakopa and Jhakuapara villages in Kurigram municipality and Nawabash,Uttar Nawabash and Kadamtala villages under Pachgachi union in Sadarupazila have to go to Kurigram town in various purposes through the road. They have to suffer a lot.Only bicycle, motor bike and pedestrians move in the road in risk but no Rickshaw, Auto Rickshaw and other vehicles have been stoppedto cross the bridge.  Local people however set up a wooden and bamboo made way on the collapsed parts and are crossing the bridge taking risk.

Abdul Karim 55 a residence of Nawabash village under Pachgachi union told that people from Pachgachi union use this road to come to Kurigram town but after collapsing some parts of the bridge the people have to come with goods laden vehicles as transportation of extra three kilometer long road as alternative way.

Abdur Rashid 42 a shop keeper of char Velakopa village said that at least 2000-2200 people have to come to Kurigram town crossing the partial collapsed bridge every day.

Kurigram municipality ward councilor Jamsed Ali Tuku said a good number of people have been suffering from communication problem for the last six years and he matter was informed to authority concerned several times but they did not pay heed.

Mayor of Kurigram municipality Kaziul Islam said the matter was informed to higher authority. The repair work will be started after getting the allocation of fund.

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