Awareness human chain and mask distribution police on way in Pabna

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Update : Thursday, February 10, 2022

Pabna district police distributed masks and awareness humanchain in Pabna to prevent spread of upward corona. Under the leadership of Superintendent of Police Mohammad Mahibul Islam Khan, people from different walks of life including Additional Superintendent of police Masud Alam, Roknuzzaman Sarkar and district level senior police officers took part at the humanchain in front of Pabna press club in the morning.

During this time about 5 thousand of masks distributed and awareness leaflets among the common people including pedestrians.

Under the leadership of Pabna Superintendent of Police, various programmes including awareness humanchain and distribution of masks have been carried out.

It is to be noted that the number of patients suffering from corona has been increasing in Pabna for some time now. Parts from the police, various agencies and individuals have continued to distribute masks with awareness activities in the industry. Occasionally there is a fine for not using a mobile court mask. But even then, there is a reluctance to use masks on the roads, in the bazaars, in the shopping malls, in the shops, in the movement.


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