Nurse beaten to injured by broker at PGH, lay-up

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Update : Thursday, February 2, 2023

An intern nurse was beaten to injure by a broker at PabnaGenerel Hospital (PGH).  The nurses are going on lay-up from Tuesday night to seek redressed of this incident. They formed a humanchain on the hospital premises on Wednesday.

Bangladesh Diploma Student Nurses Union’sPabnadistrict branch president JahidHasan,its general secretary ShahinAlam, vice president Billal Hossain, Organisingsecretary Delwar Hossain, co-organisingsecretary Risat Islam Riti and others spoke at the humanchain.

The incident took place in the women’s unit of the hospital’s medicine ward on Tuesday afternoon.

They also filed a written complaint with the hospital director and Panmapolice station seeking justice for the incident.

JahidHasan said that a dispute arose with the patient about taking taka 6 hundred instead of taka 80 to do ECG.

He also said that when we protested, one of our colleagues was beaten by broker Saddam Hussein. Which is not acceptable.Even before this we have been subjected to brokers. As there is no justice for those incidents, similar incidents are happening one after another. So, we were forced to break-in-service.

In this regard, an attempt was made to contact Saddam Hossain by phone, but it was not possible to contact him.

After the incident, Pabnapolice station officer-in-charge KripaSinduBala rushed to the hospital. He assured to take legal action against the accused Saddam Hussain after talking to the victim nurses along with the director of the hospital.

We went to the spot after hearing about the beating of an intern nurse in the hospital. Heard all the incidents from the victim. I also received a complaint. The complaint is being investigated. Necessary action will be taken after investigation, OC added.

PGH’s assistant director Dr. Omar FaruqueMir said that` `after hearing the incident, he went to the intern nurses of the hospital. But the accused was not found there. We have held a hospital management council meeting to take action against the accused.”

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