Not only dams should be built, trees should be planted to protect the dams State Minister Zahid Farooq in Satkhira

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Update : Saturday, February 6, 2021

While inspecting the coastal dam renovation work, State Minister for Water Resources Zahid Farooq said, “Not only the dam needs to be built, but also the trees need to be filled with trees to protect the dam.” In order to prevent the dam from breaking, it is necessary to create a forest by planting trees. In order to prevent the erosion of the embankment by pulling the embankment of the river, the rising embankment has to be cut and the direction of the embankment has to be changed.

The state minister on Saturday (February 6) morning inspected the embankment at Super Cyclone Ampan in Hijlia Kola area of ​​Sriula Union in Asashuni upazila of Satkhira and gave the instructions to the concerned authorities.

State Minister Zahid Farooq, while inspecting the site, said that the erosion site should be protected by cutting the soil of the char on the east side of the dam on the east side of the dam. Trees should be planted and turned into forests. Only then will the embankment be sustainable. Otherwise the dam will not last. The state minister further said that the government is working to complete the construction of the dam before the next monsoon. The survey has been sent to the Ministry for construction of sustainable dams in Satkhira and Khulna’s Koira area. The project is awaiting ECNEC approval within the next week. The army has been given the responsibility to build embankments at 12 points along the coast. In most places the army has done the job. He mentioned that Tk 75 crore has been given to the army for 12 projects.

He was accompanied by former Health and Planning Minister Dr AFM Ruhul Haque-MP, Additional Secretary to the Ministry of Water Resources Rokon Ud Daula, Additional Director General of Water Development Board Planning Dr Mizanur Rahman, Chief Engineer Rafiqullah, Shyamnagar Upazila Chairman SM Ataul Haque. Dolan, Executive Engineer of Water Development Board Abul Khair was present.

On Saturday morning, State Minister for Water Resources Zahid Farooq visited Hazrakhali, Ghola Trimohini and Hijlia Kola areas of the same union. Earlier on Friday, he visited Datinakhali, Lebubunia in Shyamnagar, coastal Satkhira, Golkhali, Bedkashi, Harinkhola, Chakla and Kurikaunia erosion areas of Asashuni upazila in Khulna district and spoke to the people.

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