Non-participatory elections can lead to controversy: CEC

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Update : Sunday, February 26, 2023

Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal said that if the election is not participatory, controversy may arise. If there is a gap in understanding between the political leadership, if there is no competition at the center in the election, that election cannot be said to be participatory to the expected extent. Controversy may arise over that election.

He said this while replying to a question from journalists at the end of a day-long workshop on ‘Challenges of using modern technology in elections and ways to overcome it’ organised by the Election Commission Secretariat Capacity Building and Strengthening Project at Ishwardi in Pabna on Sunday.

The Chief Election Commissioner said, “We want to organise the elections in a relaxed and simple manner. That’s why we hope that if the major political parties of the country participate in the elections, if there is a strong understanding between them, then we can give a good election.

We still hold that trust. If there is any gap of understanding among the political leadership, resolve it through discussion. With the cooperation of all, I will try to present free and acceptable elections to the people with the participation of all political parties.

Earlier in the speech of the chief guest at the workshop, Kazi Habibul Awal said, “If the efforts of the Election Commission can be brought to a minimum level, the election is not possible without the cooperation of all, especially the political leadership and the election administration.”

He said, ‘The good side of EVM is security. The security of the vote as my vote I will give so that no one else can take it away and seal it. Reason-digital ballot will not be opened if the finger print is not matched when the voters reach. But a large part of us stood against EVM. They started saying that it is a vote-stealing machine.

He said, commenting that even a dozen Einsteins cannot change the result.”When I first came to the Election Commission, I also believed that it was a vote-stealing machine.” But then I continued to test. After testing for a long time, I brought an expert and told them to show us how the rigging is possible. But they could not show.

I have not received any substantive complaints in the elections of the last 9-10 months. It was said again that it was changed in the last 10 minutes, but even if a dozen Einsteins were seated in these 10 minutes, they would not be able to change the result. It is not possible.

Kazi Habibul Awal said, ‘Executive department and administration need sincerity. It is the responsibility of district administration and police administration to create an environment where Bhatars can vote without fear. I believe – EVMs have now gained a lot of confidence.

The disbelief that used to be frowned upon is now not so frowned upon. Because so far no one has been able to submit evidence to the Election Commission or the court that such manipulation has taken place.

Rajshahi divisional commissioner GSM Zafar Ullah presided over the function organised in the seminar hall room of Bangladesh Sugarcrop Research Institute in Ishwardi.

Rajshahi regional election officer Delwar Hossain gave welcome speech, election commission secretary Jahangir Alam, additional secretary Ashok Kumar Debnath and deputy inspector general of Police Rajshahi range Abdul Baten gave speeches as special guests.

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