No response for Corona vaccination at Dhunte Upozilla

Staff reporter (Dhanut) Bogura:: 247 Time View :
Update : Saturday, February 6, 2021

Corona vaccination will start on February 8 in Bogra’s Dhunat Upazila like the rest of the country. For this purpose, a vaccination center has been opened at the Upazila Health Complex. However, there is not much interest in the general public about the corona vaccine. Many people are not aware of the registration process for taking corona vaccine online.

According to the health department, 9,282 doses of corona vaccine were received in the first phase at the Upazila Health Complex on Thursday. 48 vaccinators have been trained. Health Complex nurses, midwives, family planning field workers and health assistants have been trained to administer the vaccine.

But the public is not afraid of vaccinations. After seeing and hearing, many people said to get vaccinated. Again, many have expressed interest in getting vaccinated for various needs. Although there is talk of official propaganda to allay public fears about vaccination and to motivate people to get vaccinated, there is no campaign anywhere. However, the health conscious people of the area have demanded to launch a massive publicity campaign to prevent misinformation and rumors about the vaccine.

Meanwhile, a center was opened at Dhunat Government NU Pilot High School on Thursday for registration of corona vaccination through apps by the upazila administration. However, no one came to the center till Saturday morning to register the ticker. Later on Saturday afternoon, the registration process was closed at the school premises.

Dhunat Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr Hasanul Hashib said all preparations have been completed for the coronary vaccination. No list of those who will be vaccinated on the first day has been received yet. However, a target has been set to vaccinate at least 100 people. There is a lack of publicity about vaccination to prevent misinformation and rumors among the people.

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