Newly elected councilor to work to serve all people

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Update : Wednesday, February 3, 2021

Diti Khatun of the third gender, a woman councilor candidate in the Kalaroa municipality election in Satkhira, will always be by the side of the poor and needy people by distributing government grants. There is no end to the enthusiasm of the local people for him.

Everyone from children to teenagers is happy. A happy atmosphere is prevailing among the people after Diti Khatun, a member of the special community of the third sex, won the reserved women councilor of wards 7, 8 and 9 of Kalaroa municipality on January 30 (Saturday).

Everyone already knows Diti Khatun’s name. The election symbol of Diti Khatun of the third gender as a woman councilor was ‘ring’. He was elected with 2079 votes. Her nearest rival Hasina Akhter got 1183 votes with the symbol ‘Jabaful’. In the election of December 30, 2015, Diti Khatun became the first candidate with the bangle symbol.

He received the second highest number of votes in that election. This time too the indomitable Dithi Khatun participated in the election with the ring symbol. And this time he smiled a victory smile. His opponents in this reserved seat were other candidates: delete the pineapple symbol. Shahnaz Khatun, Rupa Khatun as the spectacle symbol, Hasina Akter as the Jabaful symbol and Jahanara Khatun as the telephone symbol.

Expressing happiness over Dithi Khatun’s victory, Nupur Khatun, a member of the special community, said, “Diti Khatun is our guru mother.” Everyone has made him stand for election. It is not for us, but for the poor people. We are happy about this. Thousands of salutations to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. He has recognized us.

Miriam Begum (65), an old woman from the same area, said, “We are happy to have Diti Khala Ma Pas Kurat.” I hope that the misery of a poor man like Amagi will be overcome.

Diti Khatun said she hoped he would overcome the electoral dilemma this time. His belief is to move into the mainstream of society through public representation. To serve from the side of people as human beings. They are also committed to contribute to the development of the society by being involved with the mainstream of the society. Diti Khatun said her ancestral home is in Jessore City College area.

Father’s name is Abdul Hamid Mia and mother’s name is Kulsum Begum. They are 3 brothers and 1 sister. He is the youngest of them all. Brother 3 people have no problem. Only in his family is he a special community. Others are living healthy and normal lives. Diti Khatun said she left her family and moved to Kalaroa in Satkhira after finishing fifth grade. There he mingled with others in his tribe.

This is how the path continues. He bought 6 acres of land in Mirzapur of Kalaroa municipality and started building a house. He continued to get along with the people of his own tribe. He sheltered and nurtured 15 people of special communities of the third sex. Everyone calls her Guru Maa. Some locals call her aunt, some call her grandmother. Even small children respect, reverence and devotion to him. She also loves children very much. He started his social life by continuing his service activities in the area.

Dithi Khatun further said that she will work for the backward people of the society to move forward. He will do service work for all people irrespective of religion, caste, tribe, community, women, men. Where there will be no violence, violence, division. Elderly Allowance, Widow Allowance, Children’s Education, Women and Children’s Rights, Water Problems, Road-Ghat Reforms. He will not tolerate any kind of injustice and corruption. He thanked the Prime Minister and sought everyone’s cooperation.


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