Monthly Welfare Meeting Of 4-APBN held in Bogura

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Update : Wednesday, August 17, 2022

The Monthly Welfare Meeting of 4-Armed Police Battalion (APBN) of Bogura was held at Drill Shade inside 4-APBN head office at Nishindhara area in Bogura town on Tuesday Morning.

In the welfare meeting, the decisions of the past meetings of the –APBN were discussed and the problems of the forces were heard and steps have been taken to solve those problems.

The prudent Commanding Officer (CO) of 4-APBN, Bogura, and Additional DIG of Bangladesh Police Syed Abu Sayeem bpm presided over the welfare meeting.

During the welfare meeting, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) of Bangladesh Police Nahid Hasan, Senior ASP Rowshan Mostafiz ppm bar and ASP Khalequzzaman ppm and other Inspectors, Sub-Inspectors, ASIs and forces were present in the meeting.

The 28 police members were awarded with giving 13,750 taka and 65 APBN personnel were awarded with Good services (GS) Mark for their good professional works in the same meeting and in addition,  thousand taka were donated for treatment.

Commanding Officer (CO) of 4-APBN, Bogura, and Additional DIG Syed Abu Sayeem bpm ordered the personnel to be aware of their respective responsibilities and Corona pandemic, Omicron ahead and advised to take pre-cautionary steps so that the virus can be protected.

The APBN forces were also advised to maintain physical and health rules so that they can keep them safe from any hazard, added the CO of APBN-4.

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