Mobile court fined for serving unhealthy adulterated food in Sapahar

Sapaher (Naogaon) Correspondent :: 284 Time View :
Update : Saturday, April 24, 2021

Mobile court, led by Assistant Commissioner (Land) & Executive magistrate  Sohrab Hossain fined Tk 1,700 for serving unhealthy adulterated food and not wearing a mask under Sapaher upazila in Naogaon on Saturday.

It is learnt that a total of Tk 1,700 was fined in four cases. To  raise awareness among the citizen of the upazila, the mobile court has be conducted by Upazila Assistant Commissioner (Land) and Executive Magistrate Sohrab Hossain.

With the help of Sapahar police and safe food inspector Shawkat Ali, various food hotels in Sadar were inspected and raided.

Meanwhile, Assistant Commissioner Land Sohrab Hossain said that the market prices of food and essential commodities should be stable and the list of commodity prices should be ensured. He said such campaigns would continue in the future.

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