Miscreants vandalized election camp in Rajshahi

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Update : Sunday, June 11, 2023

Miscreants have broken the election camp, posters and hundreds of chairs of AHM Khairuzzaman Liton, the mayoral candidate of Nauka Pratik in Jamalpur of Rajshahi metropolis.

The incident of vandalism took place in Jamalpur area of Chandrima police station of the city on Saturday (June 10) at 12:30 pm.
Media workers rushed to the spot after receiving the news. At that time, more than 200 female supporters of each boat burst into anger.

Women supporters of the boat candidate told reporters on camera that councilor candidate Bachchu along with his supporters attacked former councilor Koel’s supporters. At this time, the attackers looted the temporary election camp of the mayoral candidate Khairuzzaman Liton, tore posters, vandalized and looted hundreds of plastic chairs.

Bachchu’s supporters Md Motiur Rahman Moti and Bariul Alam beat up some other women along with Banera, a supporter of Shanta Boat, for stopping the looting. Bachchu’s supporters told the women that you will be raped if you vote for Koel. Besides, they left the scene by abusing in unspeakable language. Md. Motiur Rahman Moti and Bariul Alam Shanto were behind all these incidents. What women said publicly in front of the camera.

Locals complained that Md. Motiur Rahman Moti is an illiterate scoundrel from Jamalpur area of Chandrima police station in the city. Bariul Alam Shanto supports him. They intimidate all the drug dealers in the area and collect extortion. They are such oppressors that even if there is a quarrel between husband and wife, they do not stop taking money by fear.

Also, this Moti and his accomplice Shant are taking money by using blackmail and intimidation whenever they get a chance. The people of the area, fed up with their atrocities, demanded exemplary punishment.

On Saturday afternoon, the mayoral candidate of Boat Pratik visited the camp.  At this time, he told the media workers in front of the camera that what the sisters here are saying is true. Because they saw the incident. Chairs were vandalized, posters were torn, camps were vandalized by dirty and quiet slums.

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