Malbhanga sluice gate useless of farmers in Kurigram

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Update : Saturday, May 13, 2023

The sluice gate at Malbhanga area under Mogolbacha union in KurigramSadarupazila is out of order for the last fifteen years. All the sixteen gates of the sluice gate are not working. The thirty kilometer long canal is useless of the farmers.

The farmers have to depend on irrigation by shallow machines to cultivate Boro in their lands on both sidesof the canal as there is no water in the canal. The villagers are demanding to repair the sluice gate immediately.

The Malbhanga sluice gate was constructed on the Dharla River embankment under Mogolbacha union. It was used in irrigation during the Boro season holding necessary water in the canal which thirty kilometer long from Rajarhatupazila to Mogolbachavia Ulipurupazila. On the other hand, it was also used to save crops from flood. The sluice gate was constructed in around 1980 with 16 vent or gate based on starting point of Dudkhawa-Dewlea canal to provide irrigation facilities to the farmers. All the gates are out of order more than 40 years aged sluice gate is now useless.

Talking to Mazibar Rahman of the area told that water of several vast low land including Dewlea low land fall water in the DharlaRiver through the canal in the rainy season. The sluice gate was constructed as to hold water in the dry season and not to enter water from the Dharla River in the rainy season. But it has been lying useless for the last 15 years due to lack of repair.

Shahid Ali an inhabitant of Sara mouza under Belgacha union in Sadarupazila told that he sees the canal from his boyhood. Earlier, the canal was hold water round the year but now it has been dried up before dry season.Boro was cultivated on several some hundreds acres of land with holding water of the canal but now water is not found.

Executive Engineer of Kurigram Water Development Board Abdullah Al MamuntoldThe Daily Messenger that the sluice gate was constructed of Dudkhawa-Dewlea canal on around 1980 to provide irrigation facilities to the farmers. Although it is repaired now and then but it has no capacity to hold more water. Necessary measure will be taken as it provides irrigation facilities of the farmers like previous times.

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