Magic, Obscene Dance, Gambling & illegal lottery held on at village fair in Sherpur

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Update : Friday, May 26, 2023

Mike has been being promoted the magic show. But there is no magic inside in the fair. So instead of the skillful manipulation of the magician’s hand, there is obscene dancing and singing going on across the glittering pandal. This is like a different kind of magic session. Besides, there is illegal lottery and gambling is being held side by side.

This is the picture of rural fair at Ranirhat on the border(part) of Sherpur Upazila of Bogura district. The main source of income for the organizing committee of this fair, which has been started on Thursday (May 25) morning, is the dirty dance exhibition. The event is for three days with a one-day permission to run the fair subject to conditions.Even the fair authorities do not accept any conditions.

In the permit, magic show and dance-song are supposed to be closed in the fair, but it is going on. Indecent dances are being performed inside by selling tickets on the pretense of magic show. By managing the local administration, a gang known in the area has entered the field with the mission of grabbing millions of Taka by carrying out these activities. In the continuation of this, it has been alleged that the gang is running extortion festival in the name of toll or tax collection.

In a visit of the fair, Ranirhat market of Bishalpur union of the upazila.Village fair has been organized around this market for the past four to five years. So, like other years, the village fair has started from Thursday. There are several food and children’s toy shops in the fair. Besides, rural handicrafts and products are non-existent. However, five glittering pandals with magic shows are visible where obscene dance and songs has been being performed day and night. Illegal lottery is going on also.

Golam Rabbani, Mokhleshur Rahman, Masud Alam and many other people who came to the fair. They expressed their anger and said that due to loud singing and dancing in the fair, the atmosphere has been spoiled. Even in these exhibitions, I was surprised to see the huge crowd of school-college students in the audience.

A man named Abdul Mannan said, “I went to the fair with my little boys and girls. They eagerly listen to Mike’s announcement of the magic show. At one point, I bought tickets with them and went inside. Then I saw the girls of the forbidden village wearing indecent clothes and dancing to the rhythm of the music. After watching such dance for ten to fifteen minutes, we came out with the boys and girls.”

Leaders of the fair committee do not agree to comment. However, a member who did not want to express his name said, ‘These are being run by managing all sides.So writing in the newspaper won’t get any benefit as well.

Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Sherpur police station Babu Kumar Saha said, “The fair is permitted. But if there is something obscene, it must be stopped. That is why the police officer in duty has been instructed.”

Upazila Nirbahi Officer Sanjida Sultana said, in this context, ‘There are some conditions in the permit of the fair. During this time, magic shows and entertainments cannot be conducted. “If these things are done, necessary action will be taken against them.” she added.

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